Corkscrew Working Towards Completion for practice-research PhD students and End of the Year Event

Thursday 4 July 2019, 2-5pm
B07, 43 Gordon Square, Birkbeck,

Corkscrew Working Towards Completion

The Corkscrew practice research group will be holding a workshop on Working Towards Completion of practice research related PhDs. This is a follow up event to our workshop held earlier this year on Working Towards Upgrade, and should be of interest to students and supervisors currently working on this kind of PhD as well as to others interested in them.

We will be joined by three presenters who will share their own experiences:

Dr Joanna Callaghan is a Senior Lecturer in Filmmaking at the University of Sussex. She completed a PhD by (practice research) publication in 2018, in which she presented her filmmaking research project Ontological Narratives, including her experimental feature film ‘Love in the Post: From Plato to Derrida’. She has worked as a director, producer, journalist and curator in film, television and radio in France, Australia and the UK. Her practice work has been shown in galleries and festivals internationally and she has been nominated for a number of awards  Since 2012 she has sat on the executive of the Media, Communication and Cultural Studies Association (MeCCSA) as Chair of Practice and since 2014 on the editorial board of the Journal of Media Practice. She is also co-founder of the Filmmaking Research Network.

Dr Lina Džuverović is a curator and Lecturer in Arts Policy and Management at Birkbeck’s Department of Film, Media and Cultural Studies. She will focus, in this workshop, on the negotiations between the practical outcomes which spontaneously emerged from her PhD research, despite her PhD not being practice-based, and the final stages of her thesis. She will show images of the practical elements and talk about the relationship between the show she curated and the thesis. Previously Lina was Artistic Director of Calvert 22 Foundation, founding Director of the London-based curatorial agency Electra, has held curatorial posts at ICA London and the Lux Centre and was Arts Council’s Decibel Curatorial Fellow in 2016. Prior to joining Birkbeck, Lina taught at the University of Reading and at IZK – Institute for Contemporary Art, TU Graz, Austria. Džuverović’s PhD (Royal College of Art/Tate), contributed research on Yugoslav pop towards Tate Modern’s exhibition The World Goes Pop (2015), among many other curatorial contributions.

Dr Jane Quinn was recently awarded her PhD at Birkbeck following four years of research work into the effects of digital technologies on war art and the imagery of conflict. The research was practice-based, built around Jane’s own past experience as an executive producer in television and involved three pieces of practice work produced during the course of her research: a television pitch to BBC/C4/Sky; the creating of a website and curation of an exhibition. These works were combined in the final research to show the multiple voices of the postmodern digital era, The project was described by the examiners as ‘a superb thesis’ and ‘a hugely ambitious piece of work’.

There will be plenty of time for questions and discussion with our speakers. After the workshop we will also have an End of Term Reception. Please join us!

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