Show and Tell Workshop – Creative writing and Curating – 25 Jan 2021

Corkscrew and Tate Research: ‘Show and Tell’ workshop for practice-based researchers

Monday 25 January 2021, 14:30-16:00

Click here to access the online event. No booking necessary.

Join us for a Show and Tell workshop co-hosted with Tate Research.   

Melanie Jones and Jessie McLaughlin will discuss the role of creative writing and curating in their practice-based research. 

Workshop participants should identify as practice-based/led researchers and be willing to participate in supportive discussion with our presenters.

Melanie Jones is a doing a PhD in creative writing at Birkbeck, her work: ‘UNFOUNDED FEAR: ANXIETY AND CREATION’ asks: Does the contemporary understanding of anxiety as a curable ‘disorder’ disregard the functions for the condition suggested by a range of historical theorists? Is anxiety a useful label in contemporary society and what are the problems associated with categorising and diagnosing mental states? Do the links between creativity and anxiety call for a more nuanced consideration of anxiety’s functions?

Jessie McLaughlin is doing a collaborative doctorate at Goldsmiths with the Tate on Queering Curatorial Learning Practice: Enhancing Access for Young and Diverse Audiences within the Art Museum.

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